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Welcome to Kira's Treats!

Virtual Whip & Frost

Whip & Frost is a cake decorating class geared toward teaching the basics of cake decorating. Due to COVID-19, we're pleased to host this class via Zoom on February 27, 2021, at 2:00 pm. In this virtual cake decorating class, you will learn how to fill, crumb coat, and frost your cake. This particular class also offers a "drip" and stencil tutorial. All products will be delivered to the address you select during checkout on 02/26/21. You will be responsible for safely storing your products and supplies until the class begins as described in the instructions you will receive. Non-disposable items such as cake turn-tables and spatulas will be picked up from the same address on the following day at a scheduled time. Within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket for admission, you will be invited to the scheduled "Zoom Meeting" via the email you provide during checkout